The Glorious Adventure of Being Single










A few weeks ago I stopped to chat with a friend during an afternoon walk and after talking about a couple of things she stopped and asked “can I ask you something?” “sure” I told her to which she responded “why are you single?”

Now that question used to bother me not but not anymore because I have an awesome answer…God chose to give me an adventurous life.

There are actually two parts to this idea;

The first is I am serving the Lord in foreign Countries as a missionary and only someone else who has been called to missions would feel called (crazy enough) to do it.  If I had a job that kept me in the States its my belief God would provide marriage and a family.

The second part is much more exciting….

God entrusts certain people (singles) with the ability to live a life of adventure for him.  In other words it’s much easier for a single to do something like go on a missions trip because they only have to worry about themselves (and money of course) because there is no responsibility to care for a wife or children.

To put it perspective I got a email from a missionary friend in St. Vincent who needed someone to fill in a Church while it’s pastor was in the States for medical reasons.  Ten days later I was flying there!

Now honestly if I had a wife and children it might have been possible to organize things in ten-days, but it would have been very difficult. I on the other hand just had to pack my bags so it could have been done in one or two days!

As the initial two-week stay ended it became clear the Lord wanted me to return for a longer six-month term (after nine eight days in the States).  For a husband and father this would take tons of planning and thought, for me it just took repacking the bags!  Of course I’m simplifying things a bit but you get the picture…it’s much easier for a single to do things like this than a married family.

That freedom to take adventurous (but never foolish) leaps of faith is in my opinion a gift of God given to singles for a specific purpose.  For me that is traveling to different countries sharing the good-news of Christ (particularly to children).  Understand I’m not saying every single should be a missionary, but I am saying God has given this freedom to every single adult for a specific reason.

Don’t waste it

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