One-Year Visa Praise


February 23, 2017

Dearest Friends,

You know one of my biggest prayer requests since coming to SVG full time has been gaining a more permanent visa.  Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about how to start this process, so I continued renewing a visitors visa every three months.

Each time there was an extension I asked if it was possible to apply for something longer, but always told that couldn’t happen till later.  In December an immigration officer told me that it would be possible to apply for a one-year visa in May.

Last Thursday (February 16th) I came to extend the visa and was told it was possible to apply for a one-year immediately!  This was a huge answer to prayer so I went directly to the Prime-Ministers office and picked up an application form.

By Monday morning I had everything they requested but was told that a criminal check from the US would be necessary before the application could begin.  This is an understandable request but frustrating since I expected to start the process that morning, and mail moves VERY SLOWLY from the States to SVG.


The Lord worked this out for His Glory however since my mother went Monday afternoon to the local courthouse, obtained a copy of my criminal history (nothing there), and sent it to SVG by fedex.

Wednesday morning after receiving a final extension to my visitors visa I went to grab some groceries, and while checking out got a call from Fedex that the criminal record had arrived, all I had to do is walk over and pick it up!


Because of the Lord (and some huge help from my mother) one week from the time I was informed it was possible to apply for a one-year visa, my application is being processed!

Please pray with me that this process moves smoothly and the visa will be accepted.  And rejoice along with me in how God worked everything out.

In Christ,

John Wilburn

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