Missions is….Noticing when Laziness creeps in

About a week ago I had an emotional experience while watching an episode of “Little House on the Prairie.” My being mentally drained while teaching a college class may have had something to do with it, but the impact of that episode was still real.

it was season two episode one entitled “the richest man in Walnut Grove.” In it, the family goes through a very hard time financially since a job that promised two months wages fell through. Their problem is intensified because they have a very high bill at the local store that needs to be paid.

The father after learning the money he’d counted on wasn’t coming, immediately started looking for jobs. Including draining a lake and digging trenches by hand fn.

The part that got me was when his daughters asked permission to begin doing jobs on their own to pay off the family debt. After being quiet for a moment responds with emotion in his voice, “a family like this makes a man proud.”

Now I realise those aren’t real people, but characters from a book. Yet I couldn’t help but get choked up thinking about how hard they worked for everything they had.

The convicting thing to me is to see how “laziness” can creep in while lives become more comfortable.

Now please understand, I am all for every modern convenience in life. But as convenience and comfort grows, so does our laziness.

  1. We procrastinate on jobs
  2. We are easily distracted from what needs to be done
  3. We are great “starters” but very poor “finishers”
  4. And we have little purpose or planning to life…things are simply too random

The response to this isn’t to eliminate all comforts or conveniences….instead its to notice when laziness creeps into our lives .

The best way to do this is developing a “work ethic” based upon the Puritan work ethic….”work is a gift of God”

  1. Do the work now
  2. Do the work with excellence, no more “thats good enough” jobs
  3. Have a plan in place…know what comes next
  4. And focus on finishing

The Lord doesn’t want me to drain a lake and dig ditches today thankfully. But He does want me to focus on finishing the work of today, while fighting off laziness.

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