Going to Them

As the time of rest in America came to a close in 2017, my mind turned back to ministry.

Which meant getting some new running shoes.

I bought some high-quality Brooks running shoes (the same kind I wore during marathon training). Those shoes wouldn’t be used for running however, but a whole lot of walking.

I do have a car, but the majority of my ministry in Saint Vincent is done by foot.

  1. Handing out tracts
  2. Visiting shut-ins
  3. Bible reading ministry
  4. and Counseling

The point is, ministry takes A LOT of walking!

The reason why I’m actively ministering in the community is simple…I must go to them.

There are indeed times when the unsaved will come to me with a question, or ask for help. But most of the time I am the one who approaches them. This isn’t surprising since Scripture tells us the lost cannot understand the things of God (they are foolishness unto them).

This kind of active ministry is tiring. It requires not only good running shoes, but pain meds, and rest as well! But I am motivated by the fact that God our Father doesn’t wait for us to “clean up our lives” before coming to save us. The incarnation itself symbolises God coming to us when we were still sinful, and cannot save ourselves.

So we get in shape, invest in some good running shoes, and go to the people with the good news of a God who approaches us in love.

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