God Has Tender Hearts

This picture Is pretty old (it was taken April 2017) but it is one of my favourite ones taken during the years of ministry in SVG. Seeing a lot line of boys all reading from Gospel tracts is a very powerful memory.

The message it shares is powerful as well….

There will always be remnant.

it is easy at times to become discouraged when it seems as if many individuals have no interest in the Gospel at all. Satan loves to emphasise those hard hearts, and tell us that NOBODY cares of God anymore.

But this is a lie!

The Gospel is incredibly powerful, and will always draw those with tender hearts to the Lord.

Sadly this doesn’t mean everyone will have tender hearts (many won’t) but we continue sharing, knowing that God’s Word will not return void.

This also means we focus our attention on the hearts that are tender instead of the hardened ones. Of course the Lord can break any hardened heart, and we should have burdens for those individuals. Yet it is far better to scatter seed on the “good ground” that is ready to receive the Gospel than the “stony ground.”

The important thing is not to become discouraged with the hardened hearts that surround us. The tender hearts are there, we just have to look for them.

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