The Blessings of a Work Ethic

A few years ago I hired a man to begin washing my car every week. Before then I’d have a group of boys wash it every few weeks on a Saturday.

They didn’t always do that great of a job at first, but that was okay since getting a clean car wasn’t the goal…..

the goal was to develop a work ethic

One of the challenges of living in Saint Vincent is there isn’t a lot of steady work. The jobs available are filled by fathers and mothers who provide for their families, so it doesn’t leave many for teenagers.

This lack of employment doesn’t just raise financial difficulties, but takes away a wonderful opportunity to develop a strong work ethic (love of work, self-discipline). In it’s place far too many young people spend their day sitting around doing nothing.

Sadly those who haven’t developed a work ethic before won’t have one when it’s desperately needed.

The answer for this challenge is to take young men, and teach them how to do a job instead of doing it yourself. It wouldn’t look impressive at first, but as they get more practice and become confident, their work ethic will continue to grow.

Training young people to do work can result in a slightly dirty car after they’ve washed it. But in the long run it will raise up a group of men who do work the right way, and take pride in it.

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