The Storms Bring the Rainbows

One of the things I’ll never get used to in Saint Vincent are the incredible rainbows! Something about the island makes them stand out with vivid color, and it’s not uncommon to see a complete one stretching from one end to another (as seen above).

Of course thinking about those rainbows reminds me of the storm pre-ceding them

Sometimes the storms in SVG come up without warning and drench us (I call them “island storms”). But after those quick storms have passed the gorgeous rainbow is left in their place.

In the same way, the storms of life can attack us without warning, but the blessing of God is faithful to return after they have passed.

One of my favorite stories in Scripture is of the disciples being sent away by Jesus immediately after feeding the 5,000. He sent them to cross to the other side in a boat while Christ went to pray, but the disciples were captured by a terrible storm. After struggling to row across all night (and getting less than a mile) Jesus approached them walking on the water. The disciples thought they had already died and He was a ghost! But then they heard His voice speaking comfort to them.

That story like the Vincentian rainbow reminds me that the light will indeed come.

The Lord sometimes wait for the darkest moment before He comes to deliver us

But just like the rainbow follows the storm…..His restoration will follow the storms of life

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