Praying for Everything

In early 2018 the brakes in my car needed to be replaced. This is actually a very common thing in Saint Vincent because we use our brakes a lot (there are many hills).

I went over to a local auto parts shop to find brake pads, but first prayed, and asked friends online to pray with me that they would have brake pads. Because brakes ran out quickly I was concerned they would run out, and I’d have to look elsewhere. Not something I wanted to do with my brakes being bad!

When I got there the owner told me I was lucky because they only had one set of brake pads for a Nissan left.

Of course I knew it had nothing to do with luck….

it was an answer to prayer!

Often in life we emphasize praying about the big things, sometimes even thinking “that isn’t big enough to pray about.” But this philosophy is dangerous because it uses prayer as a plan b when we cannot do things ourselves. We try to work things out, and if all else fails, pray!

The thing about constant prayer is it doesn’t dishonor God

Instead it admits our continual need of Him.

I am incredibly thankful that the Lord provided those brake pads. But I’m more thankful for His reminder I should approach everything with prayer.

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