Don’t Play with the Dog!

Because my dog Vincy takes his guarding responsibilities very seriously, few people try to agitate him. He is an aggressive dog, and the official law about animals is if you allow them to run free and they bite someone, then the owner has to pay money. So I’m careful to keep him chained at all times.

There is one man who for some reason likes to agitate Vincy by coming close to the wall he can peep over, barking at him, or playfully hitting the dog with his hand. I’ve told him many times to stop doing that because the dog will bite him if that continues. But he wouldn’t listen.

Finally Saturday while putting his hand near the dogs mouth the man was distracted for just a second, and Vincy bit him.

He immediately turned to me and said it was fine (there was no need for me to get him medicine) but the truth of the matter was I didn’t have much sympathy for the man in that moment. And may not have helped him if he wanted medicine!

Because if you put your hand near a dogs mouth….

Your going to get bit!!!

That experience reminded me how often we (myself included) play with sinful actions that could cause serious damage. It eventually becomes sort of a game to see how close we can get to the sin without getting burned. But just like with Vincy, a bite will come in the end.

May the Lord help us separate ourselves from sinful actions instead of playfully putting our hands near the dogs mouth.

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