Your Not the Only One

Every once in a while I will meet with Vincentian pastors for lunch, or just a time to be together. We usually talk about ministry, share what the Lord is doing, and pray.

These meals and meetings are incredibly important to me because it shows your not alone.

One of the most powerful lies Satan ever tells Christians (and especially individuals in the ministry) is “your all alone.” In other words, “your the only one who feels this way”, or “nobody else struggles like this.”

These lies are usually followed up by a strong desire to isolate ourselves from everyone else. To lock ourselves away so nobody else can see our struggle.

This is why fellowship is so important for Christians (and especially ministers)…..

It shows ALL of us struggle from time to time

I can remember having coffee with some pastors in Australia and feeling sorry for myself (was in a very bad mood). A missionary turned to me and calmly said “let me tell you what happened to me a few years ago”. He proceeded to describe a struggle far more serious than mine. My immediate response was to apologize, and stop feeling sorry for myself.

It’s easy to become so focused on our struggles we can’t think of anything else

Which is why we need Godly friends who can bring us back to reality, and understand we aren’t alone.

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