Why You Need a Real Bible

I always get excited about my Christmas barrel when it comes, but the one that arrived in November 2018 was extra special.

It was special because two items in that barrel are absolutely indispensable to met today.

  1. My Bunn coffee maker
  2. And my Cambridge wide-margin Bible

Both of these items are a MASSIVE part of my morning routine that goes something like this…..

  1. Feed the cats
  2. Turn on the coffee pot
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Pour a cup of coffee, and sit down with my Bible

While both are a part of my routine the Cambridge Bible is the most important part. Coffee is necessary because I need to wake up!

I am actually a bit old-school when it comes to Bibles. While some secondary reading or sermon prep may be done on Logos or other Bible software, my personal quiet time is always done with a physical Bible. I also commit myself to carrying a Bible in my backpack most of the time for counseling or evangelistic opporutnities.

The truth is it’s easier to read the Bible on a phone…….

But that’s exactly why I prefer an actual Bible.

There are just far too many distractions or applications on the phone that could keep me from paying attention to what I’m reading. And reading from the printed page while marking and taking notes (which is why I have a wide-margin Bible) helps us think deeply about what was read.

In the end it doesn’t really matter whether you read Scripture from a Bible, or a phone

What matters is you meditate on what you’ve read

Which is why for me every day starts with a Bible, and a cup of coffee

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