Watch For Satan’s Traps

A few weeks ago I was driving over a bump in the road and felt it strongly on the driving side. The moment that happened I knew it was time to replace a bushing.

Bushing are rubber pieces that connect the wheel to the arm (part that turns that wheels) of the vehicle. They also help absorb the impact of going over bumps, or a wheel going into a hole.

I’ve had to replace MANY bushings in the past (actually have a mechanic who does that) because the roads of Saint Vincent make driving difficult. The main roads are used constantly so it’s almost impossible to shut them down and do proper road construction. Over time the road will become eroded underneath because of water, and large holes will appear almost overnight.

When dealing with a hole they will fill it with rocks or patch the hole with asphalt or pitch. Unfortunately, the amount of traffic keeps that fix from lasting very long.

Over the years I have had to learn to watch the road.

Not for oncoming traffic….

but for holes in the road!

Most of the time the bushing I had to replace came because of repeated inadvertently driving through holes (sometimes the same ones)! Over the years though I’ve become pretty good at driving around the many holes in Barrouallie.

But sometimes a new one pops up!

Last month a part of the road between my town, and the one over the hill called Peters Hope developed a hole. For a few weeks I was constantly hitting it on the way to pick up people for church, and occasionally on the way back.

These “new potholes” remind me just how easy it is to fall into sin within the Christian life. Satan has set traps and temptations along the way. This would be bad enough, but being the wise deceiver he is, Satan is always setting up NEW TEMPTATIONS we weren’t expecting.

You see it is when I become distracted or start thinking about something else while driving that it’s easy to hit a pothole. Often things have been going fine till suddenly bang! Thankfully these kinds of hits don’t puncture a tire, but they don’t help! And that’s one step closer to purchasing a new bushing.

The Christian life is often like that. Everything’s good till that bang comes.

So we must be careful……

I drive slowly in Saint Vincent. Part of this is because there are few straight roads here, but the other reason is you need to look for holes in the road. It’s also necessary to come off your hand (side of the road) occasionally in order to miss one of them. I learned a long time ago it’s better to move slowly and avoid the “bangs” than to drive fast and experience them.

In the same way the Christian life takes wisdom and discretion that sees danger on the horizon and avoids it.

I don’t like buying new bushing. But I’m grateful for the lesson it teaches me about watching for Satan’s traps.

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