Scripture Does It’s Work

Last week, I started to help a little girl in the community with her reading skills. Knowing the importance of being able to sound out a word using phonics, we reviewed the sounds that each letter in the alphabet made.

It warmed my heart to see how excited she was to learn her letters….

but what really got me was when she immediately began teaching her three-year old sister how to write the alphabet. Putting the pencil in her little sisters had so she could write it.

That experience made me think about how often truth just demands to be shared. This girl was so excited about being able to write her alphabet, she JUST HAD to show someone! In the same way the truths of Scripture burns within us (Jeremiah 20:9) so we JUST HAVE to share it!

I have an unsaved friend who faithfully attends church on Sunday night, and Thursday evenings (our prayer meeting). We also meet together to study Scripture once a week, recently going through the book of Revelation.

Though he hasn’t accepted Christ the interesting thing is the truths my friend has learned is flowing out in his beliefs, and conversations with others.

We were recently talking about a conversation he had with a man who was mis-interpreting Revelation. I had to smile as he listed proof after proof from Scripture that the man was wrong. “Who taught you all that?” I asked, he laughed and said “you did!”

I pray with all of my heart he will accept Christ. But the truths he has learned through church services, and our Bible studies is being used by the Holy Spirit to change his thinking. And he just has to share the truths he’s learned

The fact that God’s Word will do it’s work is incredibly liberating.

The temptation is to make ministry all about me so that I will MAKE MY FRIEND ACCEPT CHRIST! Yet not only is this a foolish way to do things (I can’t save him) but the decision (if there is one) probably won’t be genuine. The correct response is to keep planting the seeds of Scripture into his heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to draw him closer to Christ.

The important thing isn’t forcing, but teaching…..

My patient teaching allowed the girl to understand her alphabet

And my teaching of Scripture allows my friend to understand God’s Truth.

With every repetition and illustration of truth another seed of the Gospel is planted. And it is guaranteed to bear fruit.

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