Keep Your Raincoat Ready!

In 2018 my brother gave me a very nice raincoat as an early birthday present. The nice thing about it is it’s very lightweight but does a very good job of keeping me dry. A heavy raincoat would not be useful at all in SVG since it’s already so hot.

To be honest, though that was a great coat I didn’t use it much because we don’t have lots of heavy rain here. Most of them pass very quickly.

Then the week after our twenty-fourth anniversary a HUGE storm came! And I’d have to drive in it since I was meeting a friend in Kingstown. My umbrella was useful of course, but wouldn’t be able to protect me from so much rainfall.

I was trying to think of what to do, and then remembered my brother’s raincoat. And grabbed it out of the closet!

That coat for me illustrates the goodness of God. The Lord provided a good raincoat for me in 2018 and I hadn’t used it in about a year. But when the huge storm came, it was there!

God in the same way gives us provision in the storms of life….but we must be ready to use them.

I’m thankful on that nasty morning I knew exactly where that raincoat was in my closet so I just ran to get it. If I had misplaced it or lost it the raincoat it would do no good to me. In the same way the provision of God must be close at hand in times of need. Things like Scripture, prayer, and reliance on the Spirit do no good if I’m far from my Father.

The Storms of life will come

Thankfully the Lord has given us what we need to face them.

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