A Taste of Home

In the Fall of 2019 I got a huge surprise when the pastor of my home Church came to preach at a sister-churches anniversary service. He brought along a dear friend whose wife asked me if there was anything they could bring me.

I told her what I always tell my American friends….

bring coffee!

There is actually coffee here in Saint Vincent but it’s quite basic, and the coffee here is pretty expensive because few people drink it. I find myself longing for the higher quality stuff thats easily obtained in the States!

My friend when he came surprised me by bringing not one but TWO 2-pound bags of good coffee!

I was thrilled with this huge blessing……

And also knew I had to share it.

I brought the coffee, my coffee maker, and some cups for students of a Bible Doctrine class I’d begun teaching. I even may have bought the creamer you see in the picture below! The students greatly enjoyed the treat, though I believe they used far too much creamer and sugar!

And so it is with the blessings of God…..

He blesses us so that we can bless others

God abundantly brings grace and strength into our lives through His word daily. But at times He gives us a special blessing…..a special measure of grace. This isn’t given so that we can just keep it to ourselves, but to share with those around us so that they experience our joy.

All the blessings of God are meant to be shared

Even the good coffee.

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