The Small God Moments

Sometimes in life we experience what I like to call “God Moments.” These are usually big situations that the Lord works out of His own glory in an absolutely spectacular way. Often a God moment leads people to worship the power and presence of God.

There are massive God moments in our lives…..

but we can often overlook the smaller ones.

A few weeks ago, I needed a part for my car. After calling around to many different parts stores one finally had it in stock. Imagine my frustration when it ended up being the wrong part (in the right box)! Obviously, I wanted to return the item in order to get my money back but couldn’t find the receipt. This was especially strange because the part was kept in the back seat of my car. It NEVER left the vehicle, yet I couldn’t find the receipt!

In desperation I checked drawers, clothes, and even the trash inside my house thinking I may have put the receipt in my pocket. But I simply couldn’t fit it! Finally, the part was returned on Tuesday but without a receipt all they could give me was store credit.

I was annoyed by the lost receipt, but accepted it as God’s Will.

Wednesday afternoon a friend came by to help me clean my car. As we swept out the floorboard, we pushed the front passenger seat forward. His daughter pointed at something that had been stuck under the seat and said “what is that piece of paper?”

I immediately snatched it up…..knowing what it would be

the missing receipt!

As I traveled home Friday with the money from the part in my pocket (they gave me a full return) the Lord reminded me we have more God moments than we think. Within life we experience smaller God moments that may not be as spectacular as the big ones, but still glorify God. the problem is because they are small, we often overlook them.

The truth is we are surrounded by acts of God’s providence and care, but we are too busy to notice.

God moments are sometimes huge, but usually they are small reminders of His care in our lives.

May the Lord help us have eyes that see His constant care in our lives, and ears that hear His comforting words of love.

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