Sharing Christmas

Here in Saint Vincent Christmas lunch is a pretty big deal! It’s like the Thanksgiving lunch in America where family is invited over to have a delicious meal of things like ham, pork, and chicken. A lot of times people on Christmas day will share out plates of their lunch to others so that they can enjoy the meal as well.

It’s normal tradition for a church member to give me a plate of Christmas lunch each year so I expected to get one…..

but instead I got TWO PLATES of Christmas lunch!

Around 2:00 on Christmas day after receiving my first the daughter of a second church member messaged me to say lunch was running a bit late, and it would by ready soon. So by a little after three the second plate was in my fridge!

Part of me wanted to indulge in the second plate of Christmas lunch just like the first

but then I thought about those who may not have gotten a nice lunch at all during Christmas.

So instead of eating it for dinner, I decided to save it for someone who may enjoy the food more than me.

The next day a man came to help me do some jobs around the house and church. I casually asked him “do you eat pork” (knowing he did) and when he said yes, gave him the second lunch to enjoy with his daughter.

We often think of generosity as something that should be enjoyed (and sometimes it is) but in the end generosity is meant to be shared.

The same God who led two families to give me a plate of Christmas lunch then led me to share one of those plates. The extravagant blessings He provides are meant to encourage others along the way.

May the Lord help us thank Him for His daily blessings, and look for those we can share them with.

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