Separating from the Silly People

Though I love SVG, and the community of Barrouallie in particular, there are some things that occasionally annoy me here. One of them is “street dogs” or dogs that don’t belong to anyone.

Now I have a soft place in my heart for homeless animals so it isn’t really their existence that annoys me….

It’s how the respond when I walk my dog.

As a missionary my dog Vincy is part of a public testimony. This is why I always walk him on a leash and do my best to keep him from fighting other dogs. Unfortunately, every morning when I would walk him some of the street dogs would come around and bother us.

They were never violent towards him and me. They would just surround us and bark, but this of course would agitate Vincy. I tried to use a stick to keep the dogs from bothering us but being dogs, they just viewed the stick as a toy. So waving a stick just got them more excited!

So I had to get a water gun….

Actually, two of these water guns were purchased because the old one broke. Over Christmas 2019 I brought new one back to Barrouallie. The first couple of times I walked Vincy with the water gun the dogs would rush me like before, but after a few squirts of water, they learned their lesson. Eventually I didn’t even have to fill it with water. Just the sight of it in my hand was enough to keep them away!

Sadly, the second one broke and I never replaced it. So, every dog in the community seems to bark during Vincy’s morning walk!

There is a lesson in this of course…..

Don’t waste your time on silly people.

To me a silly person is someone who just like to agitate others (much like the street dogs) and create conflict. These individuals unfortunately seem to find joy in bringing others grief!

These kinds of individuals are toxic because of the stress and anxiety they bring into lives. So, we must find a way to cut ties. Like the water gun with the dogs, the Lord provides a way to separate ourselves from them so our lives can have peace. Yes, we still love those people, but we don’t allow them to continue bringing grief and drama into our lives for their benefit.

May the Lord help us separate ourselves from the silly people, and find rest in Him.

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