Don’t Leave Them Behind

A big part of ministry is having programs that meets the needs of the people. For me, one of those programs is reading help in the local school system, and during afternoon bible-clubs. It’s a joy to see children develop a love for reading just like I had at a young age.

Along with that joy comes a question….

How do I help those children who are left behind (need extra help)?

Last week we had a “reading day” for some children I work with that involved reading short easy books. It’s a good opportunity for them to work on their reading skills, and comprehension. One girl in particular who struggles with her reading after sat in the “reading chair” (a large chair I usually sit in) began to read VERY QUIETLY. So quietly it was almost impossible to hear her at all!

This is actually pretty common because children with reading don’t want others to make fun of them. So it’s easier to read incredibly quietly and save the embarrassment.

I knew this precious child needed some extra help with her reading

But for a long time lead to “leave her behind” or not give that extra help because there wasn’t enough free-time to do so.

The Lord understands this of course because it isn’t possible to reach everyone or meet every need. But there should be a burden upon my heart, and a plan in my mind to help those who have been left behind.

With the summer months quickly approaching the Lord has placed a burden upon my heart for children like this little girl. My schedule during the summer has more free-time that can be invested in things such as this, and I’m excited to invest that in reaching young people like her.

A big part of this burden is children like this feel as if there is something wrong with them, when this is ABSOLUTELY not true! They just need a little bit of extra help, there is no shame in this! I’ve seen children who greatly struggled with their reading blossom and flourish into ones that LOVE reading just because someone gave personal help.

Please pray for me this summer as I begin reading tutoring for children who have been left behind. Sadly there are still too many for me to help every one, but I am excited about helping the three that God has placed on my heart.

  1. Pray that I can be patient teaching them
  2. Pray the Lord can help me find a way to make letters and phonics clear
  3. Pray the learning can be fun
  4. And pray they can flourish during the summer months in preparation for school

There will always be children left behind academically.

And sometimes we must leave them behind for a short time…..

but always have a plan to go back for them.

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