God Knows What He’s Doing

In the Fall of 2020 I was driving up a small side-road to the Bible College with a friend when my car suddenly shut off. It would turn on for a few moments, but soon died again.

Obviously something like this is frightening!

That day I worked with some friends to replace a few parts till the car itself was running smoothly.

That Saturday I went with a friend to town so he could look at new smart-phones. My heart sank as just a few miles down the road, the car died again

Honestly I had a bit of a bad-attitude at this point because of the work that had been done the day before, and now the problem wasn’t fixed!

My friend popped the hood and we started examining the engine. It didn’t take long to realize the problem wasn’t something very serious. Within 30 minutes we were on the road again without a serious problem!

Sometimes things go wrong….

But God knows what He is doing

I really didn’t want to drive my friend to town that Saturday since the day before had been stressful. But if we hadn’t gone on that trip, the car would have broken down again ON THE WAY TO CHURCH! This of course would be a much more serious issue.

I am grateful for this reminder that even in the frustrating experiences of life God is still in control.

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