The Power of Relationships

Yesterday morning I didn’t expect a large crowd at Church because my car was being worked on (will get it back tomorrow) so I was surprised when a family that lived over the hill waked in

I was shocked a few minutes later when two children walked in, and apologized for being late!

It actually wasn’t their coming that shocked me.  They attend regularly, but get a ride to and from Church.  

Walking to Church meant:

  1. they got ready to come to Church on their own initiative 
  2. Paid attention to the time when Sunday School started
  3. And took it upon themselves to walk over (it wasn’t a long walk, but still impressive)

Their coming yesterday reminded me that relationships are more powerful than any reward

I know many children who will come to Church if I give them a ride, but of course for most of them the ONLY REASON they are coming to Church is being able to ride in a car!

This isn’t a terrible thing initially, which is why my main ministry goal of 2019 is to purchase a Church van for Tabernacle Baptist.  However, at some point the motivation must be deeper than just “I want a ride!”  And one of the greatest ones is a strong relationship.

Those children didn’t come because I was going to give them something, but because they loved me, and knew that I loved them.

We spend about two-hours together every afternoon during Bible Club, Bible reading, and Homework help.  That probably developed a respect for me in their eyes, but it also gave attention that they desperately craved, and showed I was somebody who cared.  

And that understanding was what brought them to Sunday School

It’s not easy building relationships in the lives of others.  But we must persist because people both young and old are desperately looking for someone who genuinely cares about them.

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