Coming Back Stronger

This time next week, I will have arrived in St. Vincent, completed quarantine, and travelled back to the community of Barrouallie. In preparation for Saturdays flight I’ve begun the process for leaving……

  1. Pack my bags
  2. Weigh my bags
  3. And set out my traditional super-man shirt to wear while traveling

Another part of that process is an excitement about returning to the field.

The truth is, I could have left three weeks earlier, and the original plan was for the medical furlough to only take five weeks. But the Lord knew I needed the extra time to focus on Him.

The Christian life isn’t for the faint of heart, its daily warfare. And while we never stop fighting, it’s a good thing to step back from activity, and rededicate ourselves to the Lord. Taking this time may look like laziness but it it isn’t.

Because it’s those times of rest and rededication that help us come back stronger.

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