God Brings Fruit

Monday night I was walking up the road to my house when a man stopped me in the road. “Your going home?” he asked, when I told him I was, he told me he’d come by the house in a few minutes to read some Scripture.

When he came back about ten minutes later, I could tell something was on his mind. So I asked why he had come.

He told me “I need to repent.”

This man is someone who the Lord has really placed a burden upon my heart for. He’s in his mid-forties, and works hard, but spends much of his time at a local rum-shop drinking. Sadly, because he has a slight learning disability, some people there take advantage of him.

I was praying that the Lord would save him, and protect him from people who were taking advantage.

Earlier that day, he had been talking with his sister in the States. She told him that he needs to “change his ways”, or turn back to God. Step one in that process was to accept Christ.

He came on my porch because he wanted to be saved, but didn’t know the words to pray

I led him through some Scriptures that presented the Gospel, and he responded by accepting Christ as His Saviour. I do believe this was a genuine conversion since he sought me out.

This experience reminded me that God is the one who will bring fruit.

It is tempting sometimes to try to take the place of God and “bring people to Salvation” myself. But my job is to simply proclaim Gods truth. The Holy Spirit will convict, and lead towards Salvation.

Please pray as I begin to disciple my friend. He does have an addiction to alcohol that must be dealt with, and desperately needs Christian men who will be a Godly influence upon his life.

I am grateful for this reminder that if we are faithful in sharing the word, it will bring fruit.

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